Complete Tropical Fish Tank ***ALL MUST GO TOGETHER*** in Ingleby Barwick, Durham for sale

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Hi, welcome to my add. I'm selling my tropical fish tank. Tank is an Aqua 135lt. Measures at 800mm long, 420mm wide & 500mm high. Comes with double cabinet as seen in the pictures. The pictures shown is when I set the tank up, obviously the stone bed has matured now thus not as white. (I'll update pictures tonight when I get home)There is a hugh variety of fish included such as;
2 4inch silver sharks
4 golden gourami's
3 small tiger barbs
4 orange sword tails
1 xl pleco
1 aquatic frogs
4 black widow tetra's
around 5 blue neon tetras
around 5 glow light tetra's
3 black mollys
and a few others
Tanks been set up for around 4 month thus fully established. I've got a couple of fake stone ornaments and the hugh timber branch as seen in the picture which i think really sets off the tank.
The tank has an external filter (Ocellaris 850) which sits in the cabinet out of sight. I also have spare filter media which will go with the sale.
The lighting strips sit on top of the tank and they are LED's white & blue. I also have a red light which runs off a separate plug. Also comes with a battery powered gravel cleaner / siphon
Only reason for sale is I'm upgrading to a marine aquarium.
Pick up only. I can help with the removal and even set back up if your local.
If you need to know anything else please get in touch - 07925342781